iPhone 6 Repair in Delhi

I Phone 6 Repair in Delhi


One stop shop for all your problems

Are you facing any problem with your new I PHONE 6 or I PHONE 6splus, then you don’t need to worry because there is a one-stop destination for iPhone 6 repair in Delhi as well as with iPhone 6splus repair in Delhi?  TougeesTelecom provides you with all the solutions for your I Phone. We repair iPhones damaged due to slipping away from your hands and falling off, hence breaking the screen. Don’t worry about the iPhone 6 repair in Delhi. Not just this we repair iPhones damaged due to any other external problems, we provide services like. Not only this we have experience in repair of iPhone 6s repair in Delhi.

Iphone6/6splus Screen Replacement in Delhi Has you dropped or smashed your phone by mistake breaking away the front screen and damaging the touch and screen’s visuals. Then you don’t have to worry. As we replace your front screen making it look like new. You just have to give us a call or directly come to our service centre.

Iphone6/6splus Water/liquid damage repair in Delhi

Have you dropped your phone in water or have you spill water on it by mistake causing it to stop and it’s not working now. So don’t worry we at TougeesTelecom can repair your phone and make it as new as before. But it will take some time because we have to first scan the entire phone properly and find the problem then we will be able to repair it.

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Iphone6/6splus Headphones and Home screen button repair in Delhi

Are you facing any problem with the headphones of your iPhone? This can be due to faulty connections or problems within your headphones. Well you just have to bring your phone to us we’ll repair it within a short span of time Is the Home button of your phone not responding or is it stuck. Over time, due to usage the Home button stops working properly which is a big problem.Hence to resolve this problem we at TougheesTelecom expertise in Home Button repairing making it working like new

Iphone6/6splus Battery/Dock/Connector repair in Delhi

Is the battery of your phone draining quickly? And nothing happens when you plug in your charger. Is the connector of your phone broken/damaged? If you have any of these problems then no need to worry we are there for you, just bring your phone to us and we will make sure that your battery/dock/connector starts working properly again

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