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Its been years that people of Delhi Ncr rely on one name when it comes to the asking of Smartphone solution shop, For Toughees Telecom its been now over a decade our customer horizon has grown now upto 5000+ . Toughees telecom is Now a Brand which almost every owner of an iphone or Blackberry , Samsung in delhi knows. In the beginning of 2005 When there was a huge turn around of Delhi population in buying apple phones, apple ipads etc & this was the time people started thinking about smartphones in delhi ncr The population was moving from symbian based candy bar phones to Touch screen smartphones …..Something which was new for them Now they started encountering problems in the new innovation , But Technology makes people learn it’s the time when people were also getting familiar about google search engine also and the wonders it can do , so they searched for suppport thru keywords on Google bar and found TOUGHEES TELECOM that’s when we were also ready with the technical and software assistance, we had already got our engineers trained from our UK outlet and our all set to solve issues. In launching years in India People who bought iphones from USA or other western & middle east countries were not aware that their apple or blackberry were network locked, they were not getting any mobile unlock support , We gave them the solution of iphone unlock in delhi ncr region.There are many stories to tell…..

Toughees Telecom is fondly related to Smartphone repair namely of High Brands apple repair, iphone repair, ipad repair,  blackberry repairhtc repair, Lenovo repairSamsung mobile repair, Samsung tablet repair, one plus repair, asus mobile etc etc, MacBook pro repair.. Our repairing outlet is known for quality of repairing and quickness of work done. Our customers love our professional approach and are highly fond of us. Name a repairing issue and we are ready for it example screen replacement solutions, charging jack issues, battery replacement , touch replacements, digitizer replacements, headphone cranky issues, home button issues, water damaged etc etc I bet almost every repair to a smartphone or tablet is entertained.. Our horizon is very broad because for us there is no exception when it comes to mobile repairing. Our hard working and well trained staff is well versed with modern repairing techniques with latest tools and softwares. Our staff is highly experienced and leaves no stone unturned while satisfying our customers to the fullest. Our work is our worship. We do our mobile repairing work with great care as we know that mobile repairing is a delicate job and lack of concentration while repairing can damage the phone of the customer.

Corporate sector in Delhi, corporate in gurgaon , noida , greater noida etc , were now pensively looking to these Smartphone’s for long and were now getting awareness that what wonders it can do to their Business model , a lot of thought and practical working world wide encouraged India too, and they finally agreed that for a corporate house there is a dire need of Smartphone and it will give them edge. Toughees telecom had already been attached to the business house of their initial stages of business startup and this was an added advantage for us. As we all know Corporates need one solution shop and we were ready with the sale and support solutions Brands like Blackberry started it then apple followed and so is now the android leader Samsung making big time solutions to meet corporate requirements.
On the repairing part handsets which were loosing warranty period or those which were getting damaged in warranty period , corporate mobile repairing services was first time introduced by us in Delhi ncr region. we introduced repairing the mobiles on the spot onsite so as to save time of our corporate customers and cause no obstruction in their important work. The Result have been really encouraging to us almost every known corporate house in delhi, gurgaon, noida, greater noida has Toughees Telecom as registered vendor.

Our Reputation is such that customers from all over Delhi Ncr come to us for getting their smartphone repaired .Our services are unparallel to any other repairing centre in Delhi because we use genuine mobile spares , and genuine hardware for the phones. we do not believe in postpone business , if its repairable we will do it Our rates are affordable twhich makes customers come to us again and again to get their phone repaired. They also recommend us to their friends and family members . We have a high success rate in repairing phones and providing after sales services to our customers. Our best quality repairing products make us the leader of phone repairing in Delhi. We believe in permanent repair and so not do half work. We charge less that does not means we provide low quality repairing to our customers. Our aim is to give our best when it comes to mobile repairing.

Why Us?

A prolific question like these may strike your mind but the question you should be really asking should be “Why not us?” We have a phenomenal record in dealing with damaged devices and our services are well known to everyone. Our team of experts are blessed with such able technological abilities that they can make even a dead phone talk again. Our famous pick up – drop off service has been winning the hearts of customers ever since we started this venture. We recently launched our own product line wherein we offer the best and biggest of brands from the mobile industry and their accessories at very nominal rates.

What more reason does anyone need to choose us over any other telecom services company?

Our 24×7 customer support helpline is always available to answer any question or query that our highly valued customers may have regarding any of our products or services.

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