Samsung Mobile Repair Service Center

Samsung Mobile Repair Service Center

Tired of your phone freezing on you? Accidentally dropped your phone in the water? Don’t you worry about it, we’re here to help you. Toughees Telecom offers the quickest and most efficient phone repair service while returning it in tip-top condition along with a 30 days service guarantee.

We’ll repair all the current models in the market of Samsung; whether it is smartphones, tablets or even cosmetic changes for your device. Toughees Telecom is the premium Smartphone dealer in Delhi and the NCR. We undertake the repairs for Samsung Galaxy phones in Delhi, Samsung smartphones in Gurgaon; Samsung accessories in Delhi, Samsung Mobile Repair Service Center in delhi and Gurgaon as well.

What we do

Don’t fret and panic if your phone has taken a dive to the ground or into a pool of water. We undertake cracked screen repairs, repairing water damage, replacing the ineffective home button, and other problems.

We work with the Samsung Galaxy series, Samsung Galaxy Note and even the latest Samsung Galaxy S6. In short, any Samsung Smartphone that is doing the rounds in the current market scenario is dealt with by us. We’re quick on the uptake and we’re proud to say that we’ve taken the first spot in quick repairs. All the Samsung accessories we deal in are genuine and you need not be concerned about any underhand play or sloppy work. Repair work will take an average of 40 minutes or less with display replacement and cosmetic changes taking around 10-15 minutes.

We offer the following services in regards to your Samsung smart device:

  • Screen repair: It can consist of problems like cracked screen, touch-screen troubles, LCD not working properly and such things.
  • Battery repair: This includes battery replacement and any problem concerning the battery port of your smart device.
  • Charger connector repair: Is your phone not charging? We’ll work out what is wrong and solve it for you in just a matter of moments.
  • Problems incurring from water damage will be dealt with in a smooth manner.
  • Button replacement: This includes Home button, Power Button, Volume Control, etc.
  • Any cosmetic changes you wish to make to your phone.
  • Camera replacement: Both the front and back camera lens problems will be dealt with.

We will respond promptly to your Samsung smart device concerns in the NCR and Delhi regions; just call us and we’ll be ready to tend to your electronic troubles.

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