Memory Cards

When your smart-phone that is already filled with heaps of apps and other bloat-ware on the devices, comes to you with a promise of, say, 16GB storage; don’t get too excited because what may seem extraordinary may sometimes be folly! This 16GB storage is exclusive of all the pre-installed apps and other junk leaving you about 7-9GB (sometimes, even less!) to store your data. That’s where memory cards come in handy to save your mobile phones! They can expand your storage up to 128GB (and as per your mobile phone’s limit) and you can live happily ever after. We, at Toughees telecom, sell all kinds of memory cards from the top brands and all storage choices so that you don’t have to worry about deleting your favorite data out or chucking that memorable snaps because you didn’t have “space.” Buy your optimum memory card, here at Toughees Telecom today in South Delhi.

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