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Nokia Lumia Repair Center in Delhi

Want to see the weather forecast? Check your phone. Want to capture that happy moment? Click away. Running late? Text your friend so he covers for you. Phones have become our personal assistants of sorts. Making communication easier and placing the globe’s worth of information in our hands. But as all gadgets, they will have errors from time to time. Toughees Telecom offers you a quick and efficient service that comes in handy at these times.

Nokia Lumia Repair Center in Delhi

The Microsoft Lumia is quite a popular phone due to its sleek look and elegant features. The speed of surfing between the apps, camera view, the clarity it gives as well as the user-friendly design add to its charm and make it all the more appealing.

Get the best care for Lumia

Toughees Telecom is the best Microsoft Lumia care-taker. Whenever you experience a problem with Lumia, think of Toughees Telecom and we shall sort it out for you. We understand the inconvenience that a broken or damaged phone causes and thus we fix it in the shortest time possible. Not only this, but we also take care of every other factor that is to be kept in mind while handling a gadget such as:

  • Quality assurance
  • Services done on time
  • Best spare parts used
  • Skilful employees are engaged
  • Best at analysing the problem
  • Best cost optimization

Accessories to add on

Not only this, but there are many other additional features that you can get by purchasing some add-on accessories. We, at Toughees Telecom have a wide range of these products available.

  • The Bang by Coloud: The Bang by Coloud is a unique accessory compatible with Lumia which can be brought at Toughees Telecom in order to enhance the sound output.
  • Coloud Boom headphones: Coloud Boom headphones give you a realistic feel. It is like listening to a live concert, such is the feel and energy of the headphones.
  • Back Covers: Back covers are specially designed for Lumia which even has a back pocket and a secret cover inside it.

If you’re looking for performance and efficiency in handling your phone problems in nokia lumia like lumia mobile screen repair , lumis 530 screen repair, lumia 920 screen, lumia 550 screen , then it is Toughees Telecom that you need.  We even give a 30 day guarantee for all products and gadgets that have been repaired by us as well as pickup and delivery options since customer satisfaction is our prime goal.

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