We can understand that you have been  to the authorized service center  in Delhi , ipod With due respect to the Brand  here !!  it could be possible that you  found them to be expensive as your device is now out of warranty or now no spare is available for same or that its support is no more available  or that you are a foreign national need support in less time  and it’s also possible that   you can be an unfortunate Rough user of Gizmos and already spent high on the iPhone you  use.

Apple is a high brand gadget entity , their business evolves around every gadget a consumer can think of , So if you talk of mobile we have an iPhone, for music lovers we have apiPod, for 10” inch Tab segment we have an apple iPad &ipad pro, for Pc lovers we have apple MacBook & iMac. So a user can be all content and every need of his taken care of by Apple.

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In all these years of our work, we found that you need to love apple for its chipboard, packing and other constituents, so when we started repairing apple iPhone in Delhi, we really gave our 100% to it and today in the field of apple repair in Delhi we are known for this reputation. people say we bought the worse condition phone to Toughees Telecom and went back with almost brand new looking type iPhone.

So   Looking for the Best specialised iPhone service center in Delhi or iPad repair in Delhi or iPod repair store in Delhi, MacBook repair in Delhi.   Google has brought you to us  !!!So Here you are at TOUGHEES TELECOM. Delhi is the eldest mobile, Tablet & IPOD  repair shop, an experience which is spread for over 14 years.

Every model of the iPhone starting from iPhone 2g, iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5sE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus and to latest iPhone 7 series repair is undertaken at our service center in Delhi.

Every spare part is available, OEM as well as 100% original, all safe, backed up by our warranty.

Here below are Very common reported issues which we see that come to us in our apple repair shop in Delhi, so just choose the one from below and visit us, just wait at our shop to get the diagnose done and you will leave with a smile:-

1.Iphone screen repair:-  “ could be the pasting coming out and just a few minutes of our expert hands and you save time and money here, Time reqd 30 mins”

2.iPhone glass repair:-“ O Yes we can do it if only the Front Touch panel is broken, you save the original aesthetic & money here, Time required from 2 hours –One Day.

3.Iphone LCD replace:- “ Now it’s unfortunate that you got a real badly smashed screen, I am sorry but now a complete folder will need to be replaced, charges as per the model, Time required:- 30 mins.

4.iPhone battery replacement: – losing back up or you never changed before, so it’s a normal wear and tear, Time reqd:- 15 mins.

5.Iphone charging jack issues:- “Guys !!! never use local chargers, extensive car charging this can really damage the charging jack, but yes even though if you use all original accessories still it can be a normal wear tear issue, Time Reqd:- 1hour

6.Iphone water damaged:- “late party’s booze spilt, heavy rainfall, slipped in a pool, tea spilt etc many many issues of an iPhone getting into, we can get it back to life, if its gone dead, don’t blow dry, just send it to us & have patience. Time reqd: iPhone- as per sceiPhone

7.  home button not working:- “ well the most used button will one day konk , so don’t worry we will replace it , Time reqd:-  1hour.

8.Iphone mic & speaker  not working:-   well anyone issue can happen and you cannot ignore , in just some time of your waiting it will be done.

9.Iphone network not coming properly:- maybe the handset has fallen or broken can result in this issue, Time Reqd:- 1 hour

10.iPhone sim tray stuck: – O O never use the sim adapters, anyways don’t become an expert on your own or will damage it more, Time reqd:- 1 hour

11.Iphone wifi grey out issue:- “something the reason we don’t have , solution, but yes we have solution,come show it to us “ Time Reqd :- 1 hour to one day

12.Iphone software crashed:- How bad it is very less reported issues, but it can happen any ways come to us .

13.Iphone country unlock support: – Hi , got the phone from your country but the sim doesn’t work here, you know it because its network locked , come to us we will sort it.

14.Iphone data transfer support:- Happy to help you on this bring your old phone , we will do our best.

In summary , Following are the choicest of services that we provide to our customers at our apple iPhone repairing centre:

  1. Use of genuine Apple products in repairing the smartphones.
  2. Completing the repair of iPhone within agreed time.
  3. Use of latest tools and software’s in repairing the Apple iPhones.
  4. Experienced staff and experts with years of experience in repairing every model of iPhone.
  5. On the spot repairing services for our corporate clients, who have a tight schedule and cannot take some time out from their work. For these clients we have a special team of experts at apple iPhone repair in south Delhi which visits their place and solve their problem on the spot.Our Apple repair centre in Delhi provides extremely quick services in a split second which are quick when contrasted with the majority of the other repairing centers situated in south Delhi and rest of the NCR Region. Other versatile repairing centers situated in Delhi require over 3 days t getting the telephone repaired and in interim client gets disappointed and feels like stranded in the middle of no place, which leaves a terrible expression on the client.Now get ready to experience something that you have never experienced before with the help of our iPhone repairing centre as we are planning to expand our business arena to every corner of Delhi so that customers don’t need to come to us from faraway places and get their work done in their respective neighborhoods.IPhone repair focus in Delhi charges amazingly less and sensible in the meantime furnishing them with best and certifiable administrations. Our clients frequently compliment us for the straightforward practices led by our specialists, as they utilize redesigned and certified approaches to repair apple devices. Adding to the extensive variety of administrations we give to our clients, what emerge are our on location repair administrations, which go for sparing the season of our corporate customers who are in no position to squander their single moment. Our concentration is that we ought to never leave our clients unsatisfied
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