iPhone 5s Repair in Delhi

IPhone 5S Repair in Delhi


iPhone 5S is the smartphone released by Apple.inc on September 10 2013 and was made available to the Indian public on November 1 2013. It was released with the slogan “

iPhone 5c repair in Delhi is now an easy task for anyone and now you have a place for iPhone 5S repair in Delhi. If you are looking iPhone 5S repair in Delhi then there is one place in Delhi you can trust and the name is TougheesTelecom

It is known for its expertise in iPhone 5S repair in Delhi and is the destination if you want your 5S to start working like new again be it any problem from screen damage to home button not responding or volume button not working every solution is just a call away

Contact us for iPhone 5S repair in Delhi as we repair/replace every problem faced by your iPhone because we first analyse the problem and determine its solution and then proceed with it.


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Not only this we have experienced professionals specialising in iPhone 5S repair in Gurgaon who can identify the problem very easily

We provide solutions to problems like;

  • Breakage of the screen.
  • Glass repair requirement.
  • Problems with the touch interface.
  • Home button not working.
  • Volume buttons not responding.
  • Power button not working.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity issues.
  • Mobile network connectivity issues.
  • The trouble with the charging of the battery.
  • Breaking down of charging jack.
  • Headphones not working properly.
  • Audio jack breaking down.
  • Speakers not working / audible enough.
  • Camera (front and back) having issues.
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