Gionee Service Centre in Delhi

Gionee Service Centre in Delhi is the oldest centre in delhi as everyone rely on us.


When this smartphone was launched it quickly became a popular amongst smartphone users. The sleek design, aesthetic looks and enhanced OS and user interface drew people towards it.Well it’s still just a machine and faults can develop in it either by your mistake or due to over usage and you will then look for a Gionee Service Centre in Delhi.

Gionee Service Centre in Delhi

So a Gionee Service Centre in Delhi is there and its name is TougheesTelecom it has been there since last 14 years and is a prime Gionee Service Centre in Delhi.Gionee is a Chinese company and has big display hence its LCD gets damaged pretty easily which is a major issue with its users.

Well worry not we are expert in handling such issues with ease and not just the screen we are proficient in repair of many other problems faced by the users namely.

The problems covered by us are following ;

  • LCD display not working.
  • Touch not responding.
  • Buttons not working.
  • Audio jack problem.
  • Damage in headphones.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity issue.
  • Mobile network connectivity issue.
  • Problem with the OS (exception).
  • Phone not charging.
  • Damage with the charging slot.
  • Issue with the battery.

Furthermore, we are the leading

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