Asus ZenFone

Like every other product that we use, even gadgets wear out and start having issues after a certain point of time. Mishaps happen all the time and when they do, life turns upside down. At Toughees Telecom, we offer you the quickest and most reliable repair options. Toughees Telecom is your go-to place for any kind of issues that plague your gadgets. We offer services for many phones, including the Asus Zenfone Service Center, in places like Delhi, Gugaon, and other NCR regions.Asus Zenfone Service Center

Why are our services needed?

As annoying as it is to use a broken phone, to wrap it in layers of duct tape, and swathing it under 10 odd elastic bands worsens the condition. These temporary solutions are like a ticking clock to the day when it all falls apart, leaving your phone very vulnerable. Timely services to fix problems extend the lifetime of the phone, reduce the risk of losing tiny phone components, and offer you a respite from having to deal with a suboptimal phone. Our services at Toughees Telecom range from Apple devices, to Samsung phones. We offer Asus Zenfone Service Center, and other places in the NCR region.

What are the services we offer? 

We were the first to offer pick-up and drop services to fix mobile phones in Delhi. We also deliver sim cards, fixed phones, accessories at your door-step. Cash is payable on delivery to your home. If you have ever had problems getting your phone serviced from your own phone manufacturer, we can provide you with services that will help restore your phone back. And all of this, we offer in the shortest time possible, making sure our customers are not inconvenienced in the slightest bit.

If there are problems that arise after your guarantee has expired, we can help solve those issues as well. Furthermore, we are one of the leading providers for phone accessories, like headphones, custom cases, chargers, speakers, on-the-go peripherals, and more. We can change and customize any normal phone to reflect your tastes. We also provide you with quality parts for broken screens, LCD replacement and touch interface.

With us at Toughees, mobile phone repairs in Delhi become a breeze. Affordable and quality services for every type of phone, and every possible problem that can arise from your mobile device are now just a call away from you.

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