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Apple is one of the favorite products of people who believe in keeping high end gadgets and like no compromise in quality. And if you don’t like any compromise on the quality of gadgets you own, why compromise when it comes to its repair? Welcome to Toughese Telecom, the best Iphone repair Delhi solutions!
We have been in trade of repairing apple devices since 14+ years and our experts understand apple gadgets in and out. We believe in minimal invasive ways to repair your phone in minimum possible time and in the most cost effective manner. We are reliable, trustworthy and your long term partner when it comes to any kind of iPhone repair Delhi problems.

What Do We Offer?

iPhone screen repair

Could be the pasting coming out and just the basic magic of our expert hands and you save time and money here.
Time required: 30 mins

iPhone glass repair

If only the Front Touch panel is broken, we can change that for you swiftly while saving the original look!
Time required: 2 hours –One Day

iPhone LCD replace

Badly smashed screen, we can install a complete folder! Charges according to what you choose.
Time required: 30 mins

iPhone battery replacement

Battery needs to be replaced for longer life after charging? Not a worry! Get it to us
Time required: 15 mins

iPhone network issues

Might happen because the phone fell or got damaged at a particular point. Not a biggie.
Time required: 1 Hour

iPhone country unlock

Got the phone from a different country but the sim doesn’t work here? Because the network is locked! Let us sort this for you.
Time required: 2 Hour

iPhone charging jack issues

One of the most common issues because we end up using local chargers! But, we learn after we lose. Will fix it for you!
Time required: 1 Hour

iPhone data transfer support

Happy to help you on this! bring your old phone , we will take care of all the data
Time required: 1 Day

Home button not working

Well the most used button will one day konk. But is there anything we can’t fix? So don’t worry we will fix it
Time required: 1 Hour

iPhone mic & speaker

One of the most irritating things, we agree! Be patient and get in touch with us and it will be fine!
Time required: Depends on condition

iPhone sim tray stuck

So this one is critical. Don’t try your household tools or try to become an expert. Might make it worse.
Time required: 1 Hour

iPhone water damaged

Phone is dead because of late party’s booze spilt, heavy rainfall, pool, tea spill or anything similar? Blow drying won’t work! Get it here
Time required: Depends on condition

Special Facilities For Corporate Clients

iPhone mobiles are mostly used by corporate customers as they are most suited for multitasking. We are already working with multiple corporates and always happy to help more. This is what we offer to our corporate clients:

Annual Maintenance Charges

One of the other corporate services provided by our end are AMC services which mean annual maintenance charges. Under this service we charge one predefined amount from customers, which is a annual one time payment and after that customer don’t have pay any amount throughout the year and we will repair all their problems in the phone all through the year.

On Spot Repair

We send our specially trained repairing team to the office of the customer, and this team provides on the spot solutions for our customers and repair their handsets on their comfort level.

Why Toughees?

Apart from the 14 years of experience in phone repair and handling gadgets since the country started becoming a fan of it, here is why you should trust us with your favorite device:

1. Original Parts

We have all original parts and we do not use duplicate parts unless insisted by the clients

2. Timely Delivery

We know how important your device is to you and that you can’t stay without it.

3. Home pick up and repair

Can’t come to us? We will come to you. And if it is possible, even repair it in your home!

4. Client Satisfaction

One of the key things we believe in and have excelled for 14 years in this

Have a query or concern or want more information? Fill up this form or directly call us at +917289895689, +919971585123. Our support will instantly get back to you and resolve your issues and take the repair ahead.

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