Apple iPad Pro Repair in Delhi

IPad Pro Repair in Delhi


Apple’s IPad Pro is the new range of tablet computers introduced by It is a tablet with a screen size of 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch. The 12.9-inch version was released on November 11 2015 and the 9.7-inch version was released on March 31 2016. Since its release it has been a major market player , completely dominating the market segment of tablet computers. The processor, design, camera, touch, user interface etc. etc. has been something of very distinct and next gen technology which has separated it apart from others.

And without any dispute IPad Pro is something which defines quality in a very elegant and classy manner. When someone carries an IPad Pro he can certainly feel completely upgraded and different from others.

The specification of IPad Pro can give an idea about this powerful yet elegant device.

The IPad Pro comes with a LPDDR4 RAM, which is first of its type among all IPads. The 12.9-inch model comes with iOS 9.1 and the 9.7-inch comes with iOS 9.3, both of them have now been upgraded to iOS 10.2.1.

They come with 3 internal storage capacities 32GB, 128 GB and 256 GB.

It also comes with additional accessories like smart keyboard and apple pencil But at the end of the day it’s just a machine and fault can occur in it anytime and that’s where we come in. Are you facing any problem with your IPad Pro and don’t know where to look for IPad Pro repair in Delhi.

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So just drop by at TougheesTelecom for IPad Pro Repair in Delhi. We have an experience of 14 years in handling Apple devices and are expert in IPad Pro repair in Delhi. We understand the problems of handling such a big device it demands special care and assistance which we can provide.

Having said that our service center is located in the heart of Delhi and you can come at our place at any time you want.

Apart from this we are proficient in handling of Apple IPad Air and Apple IPad Mini2

The various problems that one can face are many.

  • Breaking away of the screen
  • Breaking away of the glass
  • Antenna not working properly
  • Battery not charging
  • Issue with the Digitizer.
  • Touch not responding.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity issue.
  • Cellular data issue.
  • Damage due to water/liquid
  • Issue with the camera.
  • Problem with the Software

All these problems are resolved at our service center and we give a time under which your device will be repaired.We have a team of experts who first analyze the problem and then resolve it making your IPhone working like new again.We also replace any part (if necessary) with genuine new parts and not some just cheap knock-offs.So you know where to visit, the name of the place is TougheesTelecom

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